Ibiza Airport

Consult this website for all the information about our Pick up Point in Ibiza. The Duty Free store at the Ibiza airport offers a service designed to help our customers save time when shopping. Discover more about the Reserve & Collect service, which allows you to shop online through the Ibiza Duty Free website. All you have to do after placing your order is collect it at a Pick up Point. Take advantage of the tax exemption on the products sold at our airport stores and save money when buying high quality products.

Duty Free's Reserve & Collect service helps you save time when shopping at the airport. Choose from hundreds of name brand products, like Gucci and Armani in cosmetics and fragrances, buy tax free liquor from Jameson and Bacardi , and buy your children a gift of chocolates from leading brands like Toblerone or Kit Kat from our sweets section. You can also find a selection of local products, such as tax free Serrano ham from brands like Cinco Jotas and Campodulce. After placing your order, all you have to do is collect it at the Pick up Point at the Ibiza airport, which is the Duty Free store itself, up to two hours before your flight.

Take advantage of the Reserve & Collect service and make your Duty Free purchases online. Save time and make the most of the excellent discounts on our products. The tax free nature of our stores at the airport will also help you save money when buying name brand products. Enjoy your trip and we hope to see you soon at Ibiza Duty Free!

Pick up Points (1)

The Shop

Your goods will be ready for pick up 2 hours before the departure of the flight.

You can also do additional shopping while in store.

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